The Bible Memory by MemLok™ Windows Edition:

  • Bible Memory by MemLok Windows Edition Digital Download Lifetime License
  • 100 Descriptions of God (FREE)
  • Memorize 27 Books of the New Testament (FREE)
  • Memorize the 39 Books of the Old Testament (FREE)


  • 5 Bible versions: New International, English Standard, King James, New King James, and the New American Standard version.
  • 700 Favorite Verses – There are over 700 “favorite verses” from Genesis to Revelation. So you can choose your verse.
  • You decide whether you want short or long passages.
  • Go at your own pace. Works in just 5 minutes a day! You’ll have success in only 5-10 minutes a day, even when you have LOTS of verses! One verse a week or, go at your own pace.
  • 48 Topics – There are 48 Pre-Loaded Topics (anger, hope, trust etc.) or you can add your own.
  • Select the topics and scriptures you want.
  • Works online or offline.
  • Personalize – You can add your own cards from other translations, add your own topics or verses. It’s personal so you’ll stick with it.
  • Be ready with God’s answers to questions you face in real life.
  • Games are the perfect practice tool – There’s a built-in games to time your responses, correct you as you go.  You’ll get better each day!
  • Accountability – There’s also a built-in Accountability feature is great for teacher/student and parent/child relationships.
  • Fun! – Images and Word “Pictures” make it fun, and stimulates both sides of the brain for double retention.
  • All Ages – MemLok is the Bible Memory System of choice worldwide. Great for all ages, homeschoolers, church groups, schools, and colleges.
  • Print Cards – Print memory cards for easy reference (Windows version only).
  • Share your memory verse cards by email, text, or post on social media.


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